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About Three Hearts

Meet the Three Hearts of Three Hearts Pomeranians, Huskies & Pomskies

Tami, Teri, and Tina are sisters from Shawano, WI that have a love for breeding and selling these family friendly dogs that will be together with you furever! 


Tami has had a passion for Pomeranians since she owned her first one many, many years ago.  At that time she fell in love with the breed and has made a commitment to breed high quality, fabulus, fun-loving Poms.  

Tami brought Teri in just over 10 years ago when they roadtripped to pick up their first set up Pomeranian puppies.  Teri began her breeding career with her stud dog "Diego" and has no intention of quitting now!  

Tina has just joined her sisters in their breeding adventure and has a Pomeranian stud and female Husky.  She is planning to produce Pomskies.  

All three sisters, raise their dogs in the comfort of their homes as a part of their family.  They are loved and raised as our own until they go to their furever homes.  

We strongly suggest you schedule a visit with us to see where the dogs live and how they are treated.  We know you will be impressed and we can't wait to meet you so we can introduce you to your next furever baby.  

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Teri          Tina          Tami

          Call or email us today! 

    Phone: Tami (715) 304-9245

                  Teri (715) 304-8011

                 Tina (224) 730-4677



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